Who is LawMix? The LawMix Project

LawMix project specializes in creating music and videos, particularly in the dance genre, but not exclusively limited to it. You can find a variety of music across many genres and styles.

On their YouTube channel, LAWMIX shares music videos and other content related to their music.

They have a variety of tracks available, including popular ones like “Breaking Free” and “Deep Secret (feat. CRAW).”

LAWMIX also has their music featured on platforms like Slaps.com, where one of their songs is described as having a nostalgic 90s vibe.

LawMix’s music can also be found on Shazam, with songs like “Infinity” and “Perfection (feat. Evelina Koupeli)” listed.

On their TikTok, they share a variety of content, including comedy videos related to music, mixing tutorials, VST presets, and much more.

To find more about LAWMIX, it is suggested to visit their YouTube channel or listen to their tracks on Apple Music.